How do you market a place, a space, an experience?

360VR tours have been proven to significantly increase the bottom line for many businesses. For example, hotels that use virtual tours see an average 16% increase in bookings, with a four-week return on investment. It really can be the most cost effective marketing investment a business makes.

You see, every day more and more consumers come to rely on the web. They may be enticed by print, TV or radio ads, but they are increasingly turning to the Internet for the information they need to make actual spending decisions. Savvy businesses leverage this trend to their advantage.

The web’s most powerful feature is interactivity, and the 360VR image is, by its very nature, a highly interactive medium. In fact, when we add special features, it can become even more interactive. That means 360VR can be an extremely powerful selling tool for any application that involves place, space, context or experience. Check the Industry Focus section for a variety of applications that are particularly well suited to 360VR.

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