360VR: Green, Effective and Very Cool
360VR is the green, effective and very cool companion to in-person campus visits.

As a school recruitment tool, the campus visit is simply invaluable. But with rising travel costs and uncertain economic conditions, there can be a limit to how many campuses a prospective student can physically visit. Therefore, it’s essential to get onto the student’s short list.

That’s why it’s important to offer an online Tour de Force. Prospective students anywhere in the world can “pre-tour” your campus from their own personal computers. Once they get to know it and become engaged with it, more often than not they will want to visit it in person.

In some ways, it’s even better than an in-person visit.

Of course, we can’t forget “the cool factor.” 360VR is at the leading edge of online technology. Any school that offers a high-resolution, high-quality, highly navigable Tour de Force will automatically gain bonus points with today’s Internet savvy students.

Plus, the entire experience can be enhanced by adding a recorded tour guide voiceover or an online chat with a live tour guide who leads the Tour de Force and answers questions along the way. In some ways, a Tour de Force can be even better than an in-person tour. In-person you experience the campus in one season, time of day and only the facilities open at that moment. On a Tour de Force you could experience all season, times and places in one tour! And you can go place the in-person campus tours can't.

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