The force behind Tour de Force.

Rookery Chicago composit imageScott Witte is known as an award winning advertising and corporate photographer who pushes the limits searching for new ways to create more effective and persuasive images. He has long been attracted to the promise of 360/VR, but only recently has technology and software come together in ways that he felt provided the quality and effectiveness his clients demand.

Never one to sit still creatively Scott was a very early adopter of image manipulation and enhancement and one of the first to switch entirely to digital shooting for his commercial work. Now Scott brings his commercial creativity and strong technical capabilities to VR imagery and has won international recognition and awards. And as far as he is concerned, we've only seen the beginnings of what this exciting medium can do.

Scott is a former director if IVRPA (International Virtual Reality Photography Association), the association representing 360VR and interactive panorama producers across the globe.

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