The most cost effective way to increase bookings

360VR tours increase online bookings by 67%... or more.

An extensive study for Omni Hotels found that when online visitors were offered 360VR tours they were 67% more likely to book a room online. And the richer the media (adding music, voice over, animation, video) the higher the conversion rates, more than doubling “look to book” ratios. Bottom line, research indicates that 360VR tours results in some 16% more bookings overall. (TIG Global)

A similar study study just completed by Ice Portal and found overall average bookings increased by 18%.

Quite simply, without a Tour de Force you aren't making the profits you could.

What makes our tours so effective? They engage your website visitors in the experience of your property. And a high quality, high resolution Tour de Force is the most engaging 360VR tour available today. Instead of just seeing what's there, they can step into the image and see themselves there. That is a crucial step in any sale process.

Visitors spend 2-4X more time compared to a text and photo site. The longer they spend the more credible you become and the more likely they are to book with you.

Your internet presence is critical to your bottom line. Maximize it.

In 2012 nearly 57% of hotel bookings in North America were generated via the Internet. At least another third of hotel bookings are directly influenced by online research, but booked offline. (eMarketer, HeBS)

The web is particularly important to resorts and travel attractions. 85% of leisure travelers consider the internet their main source of travel planning and the average traveler visits some 22 travel related sites during 9.5 research sessions prior to booking. (Google ThinkInsights, 2011)

To compete your site needs to stand out and hold their attention. Our virtual tours do that.

A Tour de Force is flexible and usable in multiple ways.

Our 360 Virtual Tours can be included in social media postings on Facebook. They can be displayed on most third party booking sites (Expedia etc.) significantly increasing bookings there.

Want to learn more? To get our in-depth report with more study details and examples of how Tour de Force 360VR can give your bottom line a lift 

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