No two clients are alike, so...

At Tour de Force we don't stuff all clients into one or two predefined solutions so we can't give commodity pricing. Rather, we work with you to offer the best, most cost effective solution that fits your unique needs and budget. Most of the work comes in post production, after the the photography. The more complex the tour, the more features you want, the more post production is needed. So, pricing falls somewhere between that of still photography and video production.

The one thing we don't do is produce cheap, snapshot quality tours. They actually cost you more because they are less effective, even counter productive. If high quality and a superior experience is what you are marketing, looking cheap won't sell it.

It doesn't cost. It pays.

Any accountant or economist will tell you that true cost isn't just the out of pocket expense, but must include the alternatives. If you spend $1 on something that brings in $20 of additional revenue per year (a common ROI for the hospitality industry) how much does it really cost? Would that $1 used any other way bring that kind of return?

In the hotel industry, for example, average ROI on a virtual tour is four weeks. 360VR starts being effective as soon as it goes up and keeps generating income with no additional cost..

How much will a tour tailored for you needs cost? Contact us for a free consultation.