The “Wow” Factor. Click on the thumbnails along the bottom of this page to see the wide range of what we can create for you. We work with you and your designers to incorporate the right mix of advanced multimedia features to meet your unique needs. If you’re wowed by what you see here, just think about how visitors to your site will react when you add your own Tour de Force.

Tour Wright's Taliesin
Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin

An international award winning Tour de Force..

This is a guided tour where the visitor is in control. It takes you through highlights of Wright's estate near Spring Green, Wisconsin, including parts of his home, studio, school and the surrounding grounds. A couple views are unavailable to real world visitors 

Get the full story at our blog: Taliesin – A Guided 360VR Tour

Hawaii Manele Bay
Hawaiian Wanderings

This tropical Tour de Force incorporates 25 images shot on several Hawaiian Islands, often quite literally on the run. We had little time and almost no control. Nevertheless, the results are stunning, and the collection provides an opportunity to demonstrate several virtual tour capabilities.

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Madison Protest Rally
Madison Capitol Protests:
"Ground Zero" in the US Fiscal/Political Debate

360VR has a power to convey the experience of places or events like no other medium? This Tour de Force of the rallies in Madison, Wisconsin which took place in February and March of 2011 should prove that to anyone.


  • Sound is a pivotal feature of this tour, adding dramatically to the experience.

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For the full story, including how this tour became an international hit, was used by online news media and for examples of  how 360° panoramas could be used in print, check out the Tour de Force blog post.

Eisner Museum Preview
The Eisner - Museum
of Advertising and Design

This museum that celebrates creativity had two primary goals for its Tour de Force. The first was to help establish credibility and awareness within the advertising and design community. The second was to demonstrate how the museum functions and show the unique qualities of the space to parties interested in holding events there. As you will see, it succeeds on both counts.

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Fireworks Preview
Fireworks Animation

The July 3rd Lakefront Fireworks is the largest Fireworks event in Wisconsin. This virtual reality experience puts you in the front row. Watch the big event over the lake and the smaller event over land. Don't miss the reflections in the skyline windows or the action below. If you have a Cardboard or Gear VR headset you are in for a real treat.

Compared to 360 video this animated "still" 360 offers vastly higher resolution at a fraction of the bandwidth.

Music Under Glass
Music Under Glass

Music Under Glass is a series of winter evening events held at Milwaukee’s Mitchell Park Conservatory, which is housed in three large geodesic domes. The goal of this Tour de Force was to capture the scope and excitement of these fun family gatherings.

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Reilly Summer House
Summer House

This is a complet Tour de Force of a chic, recently remodeled vacation home. Motion Zoom Transitions incorporate motion blur to create a more realistic sense of moving from place to place. A clickable floor plan is also featured.

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Bel Canto Chorus and Orchestra
Bel Canto Chorus and Orchestra

This single 360VR image conveys the total experience of witnessing a performance by Milwaukee’s acclaimed Bel Canto Chorus and Orchestra in the magnificent Basilica of Saint Josaphat. To achieve a very broad viewpoint, the camera was placed atop an 11-foot pole.

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