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Madison Capitol Protests:
"Ground Zero" in the US Fiscal/Political Debate

During February and March of 2011 Wisconsin's state capitol became "ground zero" in the battle between Republicans and Democrats over the way forward, fiscally and politically in the United States. The debate was over a bill which stripped away nearly all bargaining right from public unions and gave unprecedented power to the state's governor. The rallies attracted tens of thousands of protesters daily to the capitol (100,000 on Saturday, February 26th and March 12th). They were the largest protest ever in a city known for its protests in the '60s and 70's.

Photos and video shown around the world illustrate what was happening but couldn't convey the experience of being there. 360VR can, especially when viewed in full screen with sound.

Immerse yourself and experience this history making event.

Check out how these 360° (3D) images would appear in print (2D).

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A brief history:

FEB. 11: Governor Scott Walker unveils his emergency budget repair bill stripping nearly all public union rights..

FEB. 15: Hearings are held on the bill while 13,000 protested around and inside the capitol building.

FEB. 17: All 14 Democratic senators flee to Illinois denying the needed quorum to vote on the bill and thereby prevent its passage. Their hope was to force a compromise.

FEB 18: First day of this 360° panoramic coverage. National speakers start appearing. Protests ballooned to some 40,000 and later increase up to 100,000.

MARCH 9: After three weeks of ever increasing protests and world attention, Republicans grew so frustrated that they passed the bill, anyway, in clear violation of the state's constitution and open meetings laws according to many legal observers. The state supreme court would later rule that since the legislature drew up the laws it, alone among all government bodies in the state, was not bound by the laws. Therefor the bill's passage was upheld.

MARCH 12: With no reason to stay absent, the "Fab 14" Democratic senators return from Illinois to the largest rally ever in state history -- over 100,000 in and around the capitol building.

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