Hotel 360° Virtual Tour

A basic hotel virtual tour

A basic hotel virtual tour

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Housed in the renovated, historic Marshall Fields building, this hotel in downtown Milwaukee blends old-world splendor with modern amenities. The all-suite rooms offer uniquely high ceilings and huge windows with spectacular vistas of the streets and river downtown.

This virtual tour represents our most basic production level. Still the highest quality HDR images but with a minimal interface: windowed plus full screen options with simple thumbnail navigation. Notice the greater impact full screen offers. Greater impact = greater results. Even franchise hotels have the option to produce their own, individual websites. Our full screen 360VR tour modules are easily added to your new or existing site. The interface and features can be set up any way you like.

A 2016 study by Google found that when hotels offered  a 360 virtual tour it doubled web visitors’ interest in booking a room there. If you want the best results we would be thrilled to help. 414.345.9660

3 Responses to “Hotel 360° Virtual Tour”

  1. Dave.R says:

    What a rich, gorgeous tour, Scott. Well done.

  2. That is interesting that by just adding a virtual tour the interest in that hotel doubled. I think that any hotel or business that is unique and that wants to bring in more traffic should do an online virtual tour. Also, I think that it would be smart to do a virtual tour of each kind of room that is offered at the hotel. That way customers would know exactly what they are getting.

  3. Scott Witte says:

    That has pretty much been my experience. And it makes sense since the viewer will have a more complete understanding of the space the credibility, trustworthiness and comfort level go up. We prefer the known to the unknown, mostly. Add a little music and perhaps a voice over and the impact is even greater. Think of it as the difference between watching a commercial with and without sound.

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