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Lest We Forget — a 360VR Virtual Concert Experience

Thursday, June 28th, 2012
Lest We Forget Milwaukee Musicians Memorial

LEST WE FORGET —  Milwaukee’s Music Scene Memorial, Turner Hall Ballroom, Milwaukee, WI

A concert is an event to be experienced. If it weren’t wouldn’t everyone just watch a convenient video or listen to a recording? Still photos can capture select moments and views. Video can show every moment and movement of a performance in its entirety. But to convey the look and feel of actually being there? 360VR does that best. It allows viewers to take control of the experience looking where they want when they want for as long as they want — just as if they were there in person, putting it all into context. All three media combined give the best of all worlds, of course, drawing on the strength of each.

If the experience of some place or event is a big part of its draw 360VR can be your best, most persuasive tool to convey that.

What about 360 video, you may wonder. That is just getting started and offers some exciting possibilities. We look forward to offering it in the future. The downside is bandwidth and computer power. In real world terms the viewer is limited to a significantly smaller, lower resolution experience than is possible with still 360VR. Of course, that trade-off will diminish over time as internet speeds and computer power increase.