Motion Zoom Transition Plugin: Move from Node to Node.
Click hotspots in tour to experience transition effect

Motion Zoom Transition assembles a series of still photos, zooming and cross fading between them to give an impression of moving through space from one 360VR node to another, sort of as if you were walking from one spot to another -- very quickly.

Special features:

  • You can pause in the middle of a transition, perhaps at the entrance to a room, so the viewer can get an overall impression before moving to the room center to start a new 360. See an example when moving from the Master Bedroom to the Master Bathroom.
  • There is method to convey the sense of turning a corner. Examples can be seen moving between floors and between the Master Bedroom and Bathroom. However, an even better method will be added soon.
  • The distribution file includes documentation, sample transition images with a before and after version so you can see how I create them, and a sample PTGui template for pulling rectilinear images from a fisheye. That is my preferred method for creating transition images using the same fisheye lens used to make the 360s.

Cost? Only $30. Cheap! Cheap I say, if it helps you get even one paying job. It is a one time fee. Use it on as many tours for as many clients as you like. Updates are free.

After payment you will be sent to the download page.

When I receive payment notice from PayPal you will also get an email with a direct link to the plugin plus documentation.

Questions? Email .