Auto Quality Plugin: Deliver the best quality/performance... always.

Auto Quality is the only way to guarantee the best virtual experience for each user. It constantly monitors and adjusts FPP for optimal panorama performance.

The Problem: When the panorama is moving FPP settings control image quality (anti-aliasing) which affect performance. Medium quality results in less "shimmering" than low quality, but puts a significant load on the computer. That can lead to jerky, slower motion. If you have timed moves (motion tweens) they can take far longer in medium quality than in low. How much of an effect? It all depends. Flash 9 vs 10, full screen vs windowed, computer speed, what else the computer is doing and more can all have significant effect.

On a high end machine medium quality in full screen can still result in smooth, beautiful, well timed movement. The same settings can bring a less powerful computer to a crawl even with the tour running in a window.

How do you program for that? The only "safe" choice is to put the pano in low quality whenever it moves (autorotation, dragging or motion tweens). But on a fast computer your work will come off as... lower quality. So, do you sacrifice quality or performance? It is impossible to have universal settings that work for everyone.

The Solution: The Auto Quality plugin constantly monitors performance by measuring frame rate. If it falls below a certain point the pano is switched into low quality assuring the best performance possible. If the frame rate is high enough the pano switches to medium quality assuring the best looking image. Higher quality settings while moving are unnoticeable. Auto Quality always puts the pano into best quality when still. Now you can be sure your tours work and look their best no matter who views them.

All panorama engines seem to have this problem. Only FPP has a solution.

Auto Quality not Magic Quality. This plugin doesn't improve the quality FPP is capable of. Rather it switches automatically between low and medium quality based on performance. There are separate settings for autorotation (where quality has higher value than performance) and other motion, where performance will generally be more important.

Bonus: But wait, there's more! I modified Autorotator to work efficiently with the Auto Quality plugin and added an (optional) auto leveling capability. When on, the pano automatically returns to level (or whatever other tilt you prefer) as autorotation starts.

More? It also returns zoom level to the original (zoomHome) value, unless you turn that off or choose a new auto zoom value. Do I hear hallelujah?

More still? A new Tour Pause command lets autorotation work better during auto tours.

Cost? Only $10. Think of it as buying me a couple extra large soy lattes, providing the mild caffeine speed lift needed to produce this kind of software. It is a one time fee. Use it on as many tours for as many clients as you like. Updates are free.

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When I receive payment notice from PayPal you will also get an email with a direct link to the plugin plus documentation.

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