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Dr. Barndt House

831 North 33rd St

Fred Graf designed this Arts & Crafts home in 1905 for Dr. Milton A. Barndt.  Louis Schroeder was the builder and William T. Jaeger was the mason.  The Arts & Crafts movement began in post-Victorian era England as a result of concerns about industrialization which brought about a re-evaluation of the importance of craftsmanship.  The Art & Crafts movement here in the U.S. was also closely aligned with these beliefs, and the architecture was popular through about 1910.

In 1901 Dr. Barndt located in Milwaukee, where he was “engaged in the practice of his profession. He holds the position of lecturer on the eye, ear, nose and throat in the nurses’ training school of Knowlton Hospital, Milwaukee, oculist and aurist to the Protestant Home for the Aged, and also to the Children’s Home Society.”  He was a member of “the masonic order (Knights Templar).” Source: History of Homœopathy by William Harvey King, Copyright © Sylvain Cazalet 2003

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Dr. Barndt House

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