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Hoan House

3328 West Kilbourn Ave

Charles Lindbergh dined here. John Philip Sousa, a composer and conductor of American military and patriotic marches, played the piano in the parlor. Eleanor Roosevelt probably stopped by on a visit. These are just some of the famous people Mayor Hoan brought home to sample the hospitality and cooking of his wife, Agnes. In its own way this three-story house played a role in Milwaukee’s history.

The house, designed by architect, H. Rotier, and built in 1892 for Dr. Charles H. Ormond, is notable for being the long-time residence of Mayor Daniel Webster Hoan. Milwaukee’s famous Socialist mayor, Hoan served 24 years in office, which is the second longest term of any Milwaukee mayor to date. Hoan’s honesty and integrity embodied the ideals of Milwaukee’s Socialists who were known for their interest in municipal reform, civic improvements, and good government. Hoan lived here from 1918 through 1954, which is also the period in which he accomplished his greatest civic achievements.

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  1. This was my neighborhood,I lived down the block from the Hoans home and kitty corner from Concordia College. It was a mixture of flats (as was mine ) and single homes. Not affluent, more middle income or lesser. Thank for the tour!

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