2D (for print) versions of full panoramic images.
Check out the dramatic 360 vs still comparison at bottom.

West Gallery Pano w1
West Gallery View, February 18th. (See how this can be used as a magazine cover image below.)

North Balcony View
North Balcony View, February 18th

Rotunda View
Rotunda, February 18th

Outside Rally
Rally Outside, February 18th

Senators Return Rally Overview
Overview of Rally, Senators Return, March 12th

Senators Return Rally
In the Rally Crowd, Senators Return, March 12th

West Gallery Wrap Note the dramatic difference in perspective, coverage and distortion between this cropped 360° image and that from a standard camera at right.
This is how a traditional still or video camera sees the same scene from the same position. Click and drag, zoom in and out, to change the view.