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McClintock / Lane House

946 North 31st Street

Philetus Yale built this Queen Anne home in 1892 for $4,000. The first resident of the house was Edward McClintock, an agent with the Western Transit and Express Company. The McClintock family lived in the house from 1893 until 1912.

The next owner, William Lane, was the secretary-treasurer of the B.J. Johnson Soap Company, which became the Palm and Olive Soap Company. Lane lived in the house from 1912 until his death in 1935. His widow, Mary, continued living here until 1950.

From the 1950s through the early 1970s, the house was a six-unit rooming house and was used as a woman’s dormitory the year that Concordia College became a co-educational institution. At some point, Concordia College converted it back to a single-family home and rented it to college staff. The house was abandoned for two years after Concordia moved to Mequon in the early 1980s. West Side Conservation Corp. acquired and rehabbed it in 1984 along with five other houses on this block.

The two sunrooms, on the first and second floors, were originally porches before they were incorporated into the house at some point. The first-floor sunroom has a quarry tile floor.

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McClintock / Lane House

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