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Manderley Bed & Breakfast

3026 West Wells St

Often described as the quintessential Queen Anne, this elegant 1886 home was designed by Charles Ringer for David and Adda Howie. David was a high profile coal merchant, and Adda was a published author. She went on to become a world-famous innovator in dairy farming techniques and was instrumental in Wisconsin becoming known as the Dairy State. The home, listed on the National Register of Historic Places for its outstanding architectural significance, is a favorite among our tour goers for obvious reasons.

After World War II, the home became a rooming house, as did so many others in the neighborhood. The neighborhood and surrounding area was vibrant at this time, with two universities and seven hospitals. Unlike so many other large homes in the area, this mansion survived because it adapted to the changing needs of the community. But in 1978, new owners unfortunately sold off all of the Victorian details that made this “Painted Lady” beautiful. The house was made into 12 units that shared two bathrooms and operated in this manner until the owner lost his rooming house license in 1990. Facing the wrecking ball, it sat boarded and vacant for three years.

Purchased in 1993, Andrew and Marie Parker worked for seven years to restore the eight-bedroom home. Artful details are evident throughout in the hand-painted rooms and stained glass windows, which were designed and created specifically for their location by Andrew. Open since 2000 as Manderley Bed & Breakfast, Andrew and Marie welcome guests with distinctive warmth and graciousness to this magnificent home.

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