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Havenwood House

3301 West Highland Blvd

Built in 1926, the architect, Alexander Chadbourne Eschweiler, designed a Mediterranean Revival style house for Oscar F. Zinn. The tile roof is a distinguishing characteristic of this design style popular during the 1920-1930s. The style, which was well utilized in Florida, is a bit of an architectural anomaly in the Historic Concordia Neighborhood.

Eschweiler built both homes and commercial buildings. Some of his better known buildings which have survived include the John Mariner Building (now the Hotel Metro on Mason) and the Charles Allis House (now the Charles Allis Art Museum on Prospect). He also designed Milwaukee’s quirky pagoda filling stations, just a few of which remain.

Oscar Zinn, the original owner, may have been a descendant of Adolph Zinn, the malt tycoon who in 1892 built a massive limestone house on Highland Blvd. (torn down many years later for an apartment building). There are several instances within Concordia of multiple generations of family living within a short distance of each other so the Zinn family connection may be applicable.

For many years the house served as the administrative offices for Havenwood Nursing Center, which was located on the lot of land to the immediate west that is now parking. As part of the Wgema Campus, the house is now used for community meeting space, satellite offices for Forest County Potawatomi government departments and a substation for Milwaukee Police Department District Three.

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