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Brumder Mansion Bed & Breakfast

3046 West Wisconsin Ave

George Brumder, a prominent Milwaukee business leader, built this majestic brick home in 1910 on Milwaukee’s then Grand Avenue, for his son and daughter-in-law George and Thekla Brumder. Among the Brumder family interests were the Germania Publishing Company, founded to accommodate the needs of Milwaukee’s large German population for books, magazines and newspapers in their own language. The copper-clad domes of his Germania building (152 W. Wells St.) were dubbed “Kaiser’s helmets.”

Brumder’s mansion, designed in the English Arts & Crafts style, also blends Victorian and Gothic elements. All common rooms contain massive oak fireplaces and exquisite woodwork. Mr. Brumder decided to put his ballroom in the basement, instead of the third floor. Over the years, this area has had multiple incarnations as a billiards room, a speak-easy, a recreation room, a Christian music club, the catacombs, and a 75-seat licensed theater. It is currently home to a concert theater.

Tom and Julie Carr have continued the Brumder Mansion Bed & Breakfast tradition since 2007. The B&B, which has been named 1 of the 10 most romantic inns in the U.S., features six beautiful rooms and suites, some with whirlpools, marble showers, and fireplaces.

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