Henry Harnischfeger Mansion

3424 W Wisconsin Ave

Referred to as a German Renaissance Revival, this imposing mansion was designed and built in 1905 by Eugene Liebert.  Believed to be the finest surviving example of this unusual architectural style. A significant example of a master architect’s work at the turn of the century.  Many of Liebert’s clients were of German descent and his work reflects influences from German architectural styles.

The home was built as the residence of Henry Harnischfeger, one of Milwaukee’s major industrialists whose company, bearing his name, made important contributions and innovations to heavy construction manufacturing.  Harnischfeger and his wife, Marie, lived here until 1926 when they moved to a smaller home on Terrace Avenue (also designed by Liebert) to escape Wisconsin Avenue which had become a thriving commercial district by that time.

Overall the exterior of the house has not changed much since it was built.  The home was described in the 1984 historic designation report as “…elaborately composed of numerous projecting and receding elements including a corbelled oriel, deeply recessed entrances, an arcaded loggia, a projecting sun porch, and a massive paneled stepped gable. … The most distinctive feature of the façade is the second story loggia with its two piers carved in the shape of medieval knights.”

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