Gustav Pabst Home

856 North 29th Street

Perhaps due to long ownership by one family, this Queen Anne style house has undergone very little remodeling and appears today essentially as it did when built in 1893. From 1893 to 1894, this house was owned and occupied by Gustav Pabst, son of Captain Frederick Pabst, while his mansion was being built on Highland Boulevard. Between 1913 and 1996, the house was owned by James Hannan, and later his daughter and her husband, Bernard Mathiowetz, who practiced law in Milwaukee and served in the State Senate in the late 1920s.

At 2,400 square feet, the house is relatively small by Concordia standards. Its compact size probably saved it from being converted to a fraternity or rooming house, which occurred to many larger homes in the neighborhood.

The floor plan is quite unusual. The upper story has two bedrooms, a sitting room, and a maid’s room. This suggests that the house was built for occupancy by a couple rather than a family. The existence of two staircases is also unusual in a home of relatively small size.

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Gustav Pabst Home

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