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Georgian Revival Home

2915 W Highland Blvd

This large Georgian Revival home, built in 1900, is almost 4,000 sq. feet.  From about 1900 to 1950, Georgian architecture became one of the most common architectural styles.  Georgian Revival homes are generally two stories, rectangular, and emphasized symmetry and order.  In addition, chimneys and brick facades were typically prominent features but in this case, the house had no fireplaces or chimneys.

NOTE: Historic Concordia residents love showing off their beautifully restored homes. But many of them were anything but beautiful when they bought them — more like condemnable disasters. It takes some extraordinary people to take on challenges like these. The world owes them a huge thanks for saving these architectural and historical treasures. This is one example of a project currently in progress. We look forward to showing the remarkable change when they are finished.