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Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin, Spring Green, Wisconsin
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This 360 Virtual Visit samples what can be seen and heard on various tours offered at Taliesin East. Unlike still or video, 360VR lets you experience the place as if you were there. This tour offers something extra - a couple viewpoints not available to the public. For instance, visitors aren't allowed in the Blue Loggia. Foot traffic would damage the irreplaceable Chinese rug, So they never see the balcony above or the rug up close. The virtual visitor can.

The tour includes immersive views inside Wright's studio, home, school and several locations on the estate grounds.

To learn more about this tour's background, how and why similar virtual visits might benefit others, please view the blog post.

How to view

As you enter each location our tour guide will share history, perspective and tell you about important aspects of what you see around you. Your view is automatically directed to the current area of interest. Just sit back and enjoy. When the guided tour is done you take control. Click and drag the view to look around at your leisure. Use your mouse wheel or the +/- buttons on screen to zoom in or out. If you want to experience part of the guided tour again just place your mouse over the Tour Guide button then click the tour topic of interest.

When you are ready to move on, select your next location from the thumbnail menu at the bottom of window and you will be taken there. View in any order you wish.

You can stop the tour at any time by clicking the "Stop Tour" button. Start it again by clicking the "Tour Guide" button. If you prefer listening to the guide while controlling the view yourself, click "Guide Motion Off" from the tour menu. Background music can be turned on or off by clicking the sound button.

Your tour guide is Keiran Murphy, staff historian at Taliesin Preservation, Inc.

New: Take a brief virtual tour of Wright designed American System-Built Home.

The Music

music, architecture & WrightThroughout Taliesin you will see evidence of Wright's love for music. He saw music and architecture as closely related, calling both "sublimated mathematics." He felt that understanding music makes for a better architect. We sampled several of Wright's favorite scores as a sound track for this tour, including one composed by him and his wife, Olgavanna. (Work song, the background for the Tan-y-deri tour.) The current background music and composer are show at the lower right of each scene.

Sadly the CD, Music, Architecture & Wright, is out of print but check out the Taliesin Bookstore Online. There you will find a wealth of unique items related to Wright, architecture, interior design and more.